Maryland lawmakers hear bills on interstate tolls (HB102), increased fines for texting while driving

Maryland counties could get veto power on toll road projects under one bill being considered in Annapolis.

House Bill 102 went before the House Environment and Transportation Committee for a hearing on Thursday afternoon.

Democrat Del. Brooke Lierman, who represents Baltimore, one of 22 bill sponsors, said it simply gives the same power to all Maryland counties that nine Eastern Shore counties already have.

“This bill says, ‘You know what? If it’s good enough for the Eastern Shore, it’s good enough for the rest of the state!’” she told the panel.

Maryland Secretary of Transportation Pete Rahn objected to the planned legislation.

“The concept of having just one particular county being able to veto a major regional transportation program, I believe, is truly a dysfunctional government approach,” he told the panel.