Massive San Jose, CA Repaving Project To Cover Nearly 300 Miles Of Roadway

The City of San Jose is well on its way to repaving 280 miles of roads this year, with hundreds more to come over much of the next decade.

At a press conference Monday, Mayor Sam Liccardo thanked the voters for passing Measures B and T with a supermajority, as well as recognize the contingent of local, county, and state elected officials, in funding the historic project. All told, funding from SB 1, and Measures B and T, will average about $87 million per year, over ten years.

“We are going to get this done. And I’m excited to be able to say that we are on the road to repaving,” said Liccardo.

The massive influx of funding is in stark contrast to the years after the recession when budget shortfalls left San Jose’s roads neglected or in disrepair. Small asphalt repairs ballooned into major fixes, and thousands of severe potholes left families shelling out on average $800 worth of repairs every year.