Massachusetts: Poll shows strong opposition to 15-cent gas tax increase

As Massachusetts House leaders prepare to debate solutions to the state’s transportation woes, they face an inconvenient truth: Increasing the gas tax remains an unpopular option among voters.

A poll conducted for a labor-backed organization found that only 11 percent of voters supported adding 15 cents to the state’s gas tax, while 74 percent were opposed. The online poll of 600 likely voters was taken on behalf of advocacy group Raise Up Massachusetts, which backs a separate effort to increase taxes on the wealthy.

The group’s poll, conducted in August, didn’t show much support for congestion pricing, either. When asked if they support raising tolls by 20 percent at rush hour, only 20 percent of respondents supported such a move, while 61 percent opposed it. (No mention was made about the possibility of reducing tolls at off-peak times.)