Maryland Officials discuss ways to cut back on traffic congestion without widening I-270

Last year, Governor Larry Hogan proposed a $9 billion plan to relieve traffic in the region, which includes widening the beltway and I-270.

Many are aware of the traffic congestion on I-270 and surrounding beltways, and as Governor Hogan plans to widen the highway, some question if it’s even necessary. Del. Marc Korman, Montgomery County (D) – 16, stated: “But is that the appropriate thing to do? You have to look at a range of alternatives and figure out should we be converting shoulders in the lanes, should we be using transit, should we be using other things.”

The Action Committee for Transit agrees with Delegate Korman. They suggest a very specific alternative.

Maryland Transit Opportunities Coalition Chair, Ben Ross, said: “We should be working on all-day Marc services instead of widening 270.” Ross says this will help protect the environment and will also alleviate traffic, which is much more affordable.

“When you’re adding new lanes and roads, that could involve taking down trees, digging up dirt, taking down buildings,” Del. Korman said. Ross added to the subject, saying: “We want to create jobs and provide transportation that everybody can use, not just a few.”