Maryland county roads take on truck traffic avoiding the new US-301 toll road

Six weeks since the brand new stretch of toll highway built along US-301 was opened to traffic, many of its target users have been found to be bypassing that roadway.

The evidence, although mostly anecdotal, has been overwhelming in many of Maryland’s smaller communities in southern Cecil and Kent counties.

“What we see are additional tractor trailers,” shared Joe Zang, Mayor of Cecilton. “We [normally] see farm trucks [and] dump trucks, but we’re seeing trucks hauling things like big wire spools, car carriers, [and] over-the-road freight.

“The roads aren’t designed for these sized vehicles,” he continued. “The roads are being destroyed and [there’s a] general inconvenience to people that have lived there for 30 or 40 years and have never had to wait for five minutes to get out of their driveway as a line of traffic goes by.”