Maryland: Cecilton may install county’s first speed camera

The county’s southernmost town might have a sleepy, small town feel, but leaders there say traffic along its main roads is anything but sleepy.

Speeding, especially along Main Street past Cecilton Elementary School leading out to parts of the Earleville area, has become an increasingly prevalent problem voiced by local residents, said Mary Cooper, town administrator. That has led the mayor and town council to explore the installation of speed cameras, which would be the first of their kind in Cecil County.

Although not found here yet, automated speed cameras have grown in usage around the state near schools, being found in Chestertown, Annapolis, Salisbury and other municipalities.

Cecilton Mayor Joe Zang has long voiced his concern about speeding through his small, one-stoplight town, where many children still walk to school. He also has grown more vocal in criticism about the increase of tractor-trailers using Route 213 instead of U.S. Route 301.