Mar Vista, CA: Despite Continued Protests and Now a Lawsuit, the city of Los Angeles is holding firm on Venice Blvd. Road Diet

Selena Innoye, chief organizer of Restore Venice Boulevard and president of parent organization the Westside Los Angeles Neighbors Network Board, which filed the CEQA lawsuit, says more study of the lane closures is needed.

“They’ve made the project permanent without community input and no public process. During the pilot project, there were enough concerns raised that the city should have conducted an environmental impact report,” said Inouye, a Mar Vista resident. “This has driven a wedge between the residents
of this community, and Councilman Bonin should come to Mar Vista to address his constituents.”

Mar Vista resident Vanessa Colosio Diaz, who is in her early 30s, observed during the meeting that opinions about the Great Streets project appear to have some correlation with the ages of residents and whether they own or rent their homes.