Los Angeles’ Pothole Problems Are So Bad The City Council Says It’s Time For A Repair ‘Blitz’

L.A. City Council members say the city’s roads are so bad that they’re funding a “pothole blitz” to make repairs and try to intervene.

The council unanimously voted Friday on a motion to authorize $250,000 in funding. Councilmember Nury Martinez was the author.

In a statement, she said extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

“It’s time for us to address the pothole emergency head on, because it not only impacts our roads but the safety of our residents as well,” she said.

The problem has reached this level because of the winter weather, Martinez said. Heavy rain has worsened the city’s streets.

Downtown L.A. rainfall in 2019 has already surpassed totals for all of last year, according to the National Weather Service.