Los Angeles PD accepting online police reports for minor accidents

The Los Angeles Police Department is changing procedures to try to save time for you and police when you get into a fender bender.

The LAPD responds to thousands of traffic accidents per year. Many are minor with very little damage and no injuries. It takes an officer about two hours to fill out the report and get it approved.

Starting Monday, you can now go online to fill out a police report.

For the LAPD, it’s simple math. Using one traffic division’s statistics, 7,500 minor accident reports in 2018 means 15,000 hours of officers’ time were taken up filling out reports, not patrolling the streets. “Rather than requiring officers to respond to that scene and on average take two hours to complete a report, that is going to do little more than go to an insurance company to make that motorist whole, or rather than causing a citizen or community member to have to go to a local police station and wait in line to take a report that, again, will have little or no investigative value, this online reporting capability has been established,” said LAPD Chief Michel Moore. “