Los Angeles Metro’s latest plan to get more of your money (Congestion Pricing)

Congestion pricing is another idea imported from European capitals that bear no resemblance to Southern California. It calls for drivers to be charged a fee for using the freeways during peak hours.

The plan proposed by Metro CEO Phil Washington would require every car to have a tracking device installed to monitor where it is and how far it’s driven. Motorists would be charged for driving the 101, 5, 10 and 60 freeways during peak hours.

Washington offered three different versions of congestion pricing in a recent presentation to the Metro board of directors. “Cordon” pricing would charge for entering the boundaries of a particular area, and would raise an estimated $12 billion. “Corridor” pricing would charge for driving on particular roads and would raise $52 billion. “VMT” or “vehicle miles traveled” pricing would charge drivers by the mile. Metro says it would raise $103.5 billion.

Congestion pricing is just one of Metro’s suggestions for dealing with a $26 billion “deficit.”