Los Angeles: Metro Board on Congestion Pricing: Trying to Count the Votes

In case readers missed it, Metro is considering congestion pricing. It’s part of a multi-faceted proposal to pay for accelerating projects in advance of the 2028 Olympics.

Specifically, at Metro’s January board meeting (video) CEO Phil Washington sought board approval to undertake a feasibility study on congestion pricing.

Just a study.

Washington said that the proposed 12-to-24-month congestion pricing study would address equity issues. He said that it would include outreach. He said that he would come back to the Metro board for a vote before moving forward with any congestion pricing pilot.

Unfortunately, from January’s board discussion, it appears that many on the Metro board have already their minds made up about congestion pricing, and seem reluctant even to study it. Several boardmembers expressed contempt for the concept. Others moved, successfully, to delay the study. After a heated discussions in December and January, the Metro board delayed deciding whether to study or not. It is expected to be back at the February board committee meetings next week.