Los Angeles: City Recommends Keeping Rowena Road Diet, Adding Rush Hour Turn Restrictions (War on Cars Watch)

The Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation (LADOT) released a report yesterday recommending the Los Angeles City Council vote to keep Silver Lake’s so-called “Rowena Road Diet” intact, albeit with additional pedestrian safety and cut-through traffic mitigations.

The road diet, implemented by then Los Angeles City Councilmember Tom LaBonge after a pedestrian was killed in 2012 while crossing the 2800 block of Rowena Avenue, removed a lane of traffic in each direction and added bike lanes, leading to an intentional slowing of traffic speed in the area.

Residents have long been split on the road diet, with some claiming it has dramatically increased safety and reduced collisions, while others say it has only served to create gridlock and create new safety hazards on small residential streets, such as Angus Street and Waverly Drive, as frustrated drivers use those streets as a “cut through” to avoid rush hour traffic on Rowena Avenue.