Letter: Ridiculous ‘road diet’ experiment must end in Midland, Michigan

I was taken aback when I read in the April 6-7 Saturday edition of Midland Daily News that there were 44 vehicle crashes over the course of this past year, as opposed to 28 crashes in 2017 and only 26 crashes in 2016. As reported in the article, “the initial report presented by MDOT in October did indicate there had been a ‘slight increase’ in traffic accidents (crashes) in the affected roadway” on Buttles between Jerome and State streets.

OK, let’s get this straight: 28 crashes in 2017 versus 44 crashes from May 14, 2018, until today, almost one year later. Since when would anyone characterize a roughly 57 percent increase as “slight”? In comparing 2016’s 26 crashes, the percentage becomes a stark 69 percent increase.

“Slight?” In whose world?