Las Vegas traffic safety officials alarmed by deadly trends on valley roads (Vision Zero Watch)

Nine people have been killed on Las Vegas valley roads so far in 2019 and Las Vegas Metropolitan police said this could be the deadliest year yet for fatalities.

Buckle your seat belt, wear a helmet, put down the phone, don’t drink and drive. These are the messages Metro Police keep saying.

But after a deadly start to the new year, traffic safety officials said something has to change.

“We have seen more pleas [from police],” Nevada State Department of Traffic Safety PIO Andrew Bennett said. “If begging would get us to zero fatalities, I’d do it everyday.”

Zero Fatalities is more than just a slogan to Bennett.

“Our goal in the state of Nevada is zero fatalities and unfortunately that goal of zero only lasted one day, 18 hours, 52 minutes,” he said.

Of the nine deadly crashes, more than half happened in just one weekend. While the numbers may be shocking, Bennett said they are seeing progress in one problem area that they’ve been targeting.

“We’ve seen less impairment, which has been great,” he said. “We’ve seen only one impairment crash here in southern Nevada recently.”