Large trucks continue to cause problems in downtown Greensburg, Pennsylvania

On paper, tractor-trailers are prohibited on Main Street in Greensburg. In practice, large trucks trundle through the city daily.

One flatbed truck knocked over a light pole this month, causing $12,000 in damage. The driver has not been located.

City code prohibits trucks over 6 tons from driving on Main Street and most other city roads, except when making local deliveries. However, city police said they didn’t even know this rule existed, and that it would be essentially impossible to enforce.

“That’s a new one to me,” said Sgt. Donald Cole, who has handled truck inspections for the police department since 2000.

Police focus their efforts on keeping trucks off narrow side streets.

“You want them to stay on Main Street; it’s the lesser evil,” police Capt. Robert Stafford said.

Main Street is part of U.S. Route 119 and Pennsylvania Business Route 66.