Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont Toiled Over Tolls That Will Raise $800 Million

Gov. Ned Lamont’s chief of staff told reporters Sunday that his boss “toiled” over whether to propose an electronic tolling system for all drivers.

Ryan Drajewicz, Lamont’s chief of staff, said Sunday that when confronted with the numbers Lamont had no choice but to put forward the suggestion that all drivers be tolled.

Responding to the backlash from social media, Drajewicz hopped on a conference call Sunday with reporters to explain why Lamont reversed his position on the campaign to only toll trucks.

Drajewicz said he wanted to lower the “heart rate” about what tolling would mean for Connecticut drivers and why exactly they decided to move forward with it.

He said Lamont’s editorial was “the start of a discussion” with legislators in the General Assembly, who would have to approve any proposal.