Lakeland, Florida Editorial: Red-light revenue needs a dedicated purpose (not to move a Confederate Statue)

It appears one thing that creates more unrest in Lakeland than the continued use of red-light cameras is a City Commission decision as to what to do with the revenue raised by these unblinking menaces to good sense.

Recently the board opted to spend $225,000 of revenue generated by red-light violators to follow through on its 11-month-old vote to move the Confederate statue in Munn Park. Condemnation rained down on the majority from folks who argued the commission had reneged on its pledge to not use public funding to relocate the monument to Veterans Memorial Park. Among those administering a tongue lashing was former Mayor Howard Wiggs. At a commission meeting last week, Wiggs denounced the notion that the revenue was not quite, not exactly public money as both “ludicrous,” “disingenuous” and a “semantics game” intended to “make you feel better and justified when you violate the promise that was made.”