Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri Toll Bridge Could Be Free By 2026

The Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge—commonly known as the “toll bridge”—has been connecting the Lake’s east and west sides for nearly two decades. But as another year has drawn to a close, and local businesses and residents review their annual expenses, some can’t help but wonder: when’s this thing going to be paid for? The bridge is still being paid off, but Joe Roeger, VP & Treasurer for the bridge’s board of directors, says the end is in sight.

Currently, the Community Bridge TDD still owes approximately $17,400,000 before the bridge is paid for, according to Roeger. In 2018, the bridge’s toll revenues were $3,822,213. Roeger said 2019’s revenues were on track to increase by about 4 percent. But about $450,000 from each year’s revenues goes towards salaries and wages for the 18 employees who service the bridge and operate the toll booths.