LaCrosse Area, WI: Brice Prairie considers speed changes

The move to form a safety committee started at the Onalaska Town Board’s December 2017 meeting after Brice Prairie resident Jolene Huiss requested the speed limits be lowered on County Hwy Z because she believed motorists drove faster than the posted limits and were endangering bicyclists and pedestrians using the roadway.

La Crosse County sets the speed limits on its highways, but any changes in speed limits must first have a study conducted of roadway conditions. To have the study done, the county contracted with engineering and design firm Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. La Crosse Highway Commissioner Ron Chamberlain presented the results of the study to the town board at its Nov. 13 meeting.

At the Brice Prairie safety committee’s Nov. 28 meeting, committee member Huiss voiced concerns about the study being conducted at the end of February and the first part of March.