LA County Eyes Fee to Drive Area’s Busiest Roadways

Los Angeles County’s proposal to charge drivers a fee to access certain roadways during peak travel times drew sharp criticism Thursday from regional transportation officials concerned about the fee’s impact on low income drivers.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or Metro, has proposed congestion pricing on county highways as a way to curb traffic, which in turn could help the county reach its targets for cuts to greenhouse gas emissions.

A congestion pricing model that charges drivers when they cross a boundary around LA’s central district could bring in $1.2 billion in annual revenue for the county while another model, which charges a fee based on number of miles driven during peak times on critical traffic arteries, could raise more than $10 billion annually, a Metro report said.

A third model that would charge drivers a fee for travelling on 10 designated corridors in the county would raise about $5 billion annually, according to the report.