Jalopnik Video: Dangerous Idiot Sleeps While Driving His Tesla on Autopilot

This was shot by a reader who’d prefer to remain anonymous, on the road back from Las Vegas. Thanks to the slo-mo video, you can see that this guy in his Model X is quite clearly and lavishly asleep.

I’m not sure how he’s defeated the many warnings that come on if the system doesn’t detect a hand on the steering wheel; perhaps his hand is resting there, or maybe he has one of these terrible things, or maybe just an orange.

No matter how he’s tricking the system into thinking there’s an awake and alert human behind the wheel, it doesn’t really matter. This is deeply and richly stupid.

Of course, Tesla absolutely does not want anyone doing this with Autopilot, under any circumstances. They have very specific safeguards to prevent this kind of dumbassery, and while, sure, a car without autopilot would have likely crashed much sooner, this is still a terrible idea.