Jacksonville, FL Road Diet Watch: Turning Downtown Residential

If Downtown is the last place you’d think of taking a bike ride, in the next couple of years, you might reconsider.

The city is implementing improvements as part of its context-sensitive streets and mobility plans that will create a network of bike paths to make cycling through Downtown streets both convenient and safe.

Right now, riding a bike Downtown is neither.

Jacksonville is one of the most dangerous cities for bicyclists, with six cyclists killed last year and four as of September. And that’s an issue the city is trying to address as it works to turn Downtown into a residential neighborhood.

This year the city adopted a Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan and the 2030 Mobility Plan is under review by the state and is expected to come before the City Council in the spring. The plans lay out the strategy for integrating bicycle friendly features like protected bike lanes and bike racks into the Downtown infrastructure.

Attorney Chris Burns, an avid cyclist, welcomes the city’s interest in making Downtown bicycle-friendly. He is chairman of the city’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, which helped develop the Master Plan