Ithaca, NY: Lower speed limits part of city plan to improve traffic safety with ‘Vision Zero’ (Vision Zero Watch)

Between 2008 and 2017, there were 182 serious injury crashes and five fatalities in the City of Ithaca. This week, the city embraced the “Vision Zero” strategy and set the goal to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries to zero. One way the city is hoping to move toward that goal is by lowering speed limits.

Ithaca Common Council passed a resolution Wednesday embracing the internationally recognized Vision Zero strategy that follows the philosophy “that everyone has the right to move safely in their communities.” As Eric Hathaway, city transportation engineer, wrote in a letter to support the resolution, the strategy is a “non-traditional approach to safety that requires a shift in how communities approach decisions, actions, attitudes and safe mobility. … and focuses on influencing system-wide practices, policies, and designs to lessen the severity of crashes.”