Is 2019 the Year When New York Passes Congestion Pricing for NYC?

When Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo called for congestion pricing last month, there was no need for explanation. The idea of charging drivers a fee to enter Manhattan’s most congested neighborhoods has been argued for decades.

Congestion pricing has practically become a household term. Transit advocates, business leaders and others have rallied around it, saying it is the best option for raising money to fix New York City’s broken subways.

Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, revived congestion pricing in New York in August 2017, declaring it “an idea whose time has come” — prematurely as it turned out. Many state legislators disagreed, especially from the boroughs and suburbs outside Manhattan where drivers say it is unfair when they do not have easy access to transit. Though the state budget contained congestion fees on taxis and Ubers, it left out the more ambitious congestion pricing plan.

Now congestion pricing is once again on the Albany agenda and advocates believe this is finally the year.