iPhone users more likely than Android users to text behind the wheel

Results of a study conducted by an insurance comparison website revealed that iPhone users may be more likely than Android users to text and check their phones will driving.

The Zebra surveyed 2,107 Americans and shared the results of its study with The Car Connection on Wednesday. The study found that iPhone users reported that they text, take photos, browse social media, and even watch videos on their devices more often than Android users. I

Breaking down the figures by operating system (Apple iOS and Android OS), 51 percent of surveyed iOS users said they text behind the wheel compared to 35 percent of Android users. Taking photos was the second most popular activity while driving. The survey found 33 percent of iOS users took pictures, while 23 percent of Android users said the same. Taking videos was third (iOS users 20 percent, Android users 10 percent) video chatting fourth (iOS users 17 percent, Android users 8 percent), and browsing Facebook rounded out the top five (iOS users 15 percent, Android users 9 percent).