Indiana: A car vending machine opens today on Indianapolis’ north side

That seven-story glass structure visible from I-69 at about 82nd Street isn’t an indoor sky-diving center or a massive Venus flytrap greenhouse. It’s not a satellite station to spy on Mars’ dirt organisms or a giant display case for Funko Pops.

There have been a lot of theories during the tower’s construction. What it actually is: A car vending machine.

The state’s first Carvana opens at 9 a.m. Thursday at 8130 Summit Hill Drive on the north side, with the motto: “Because car buying shouldn’t suck.”

Carvana’s process — buying, selling and financing cars — happens mostly online. Buyers shop more than 10,000 cars and can schedule to pick it up at the vending machine or have the car delivered to their house, possibly as soon as the next day.