In roadbuilding and bridge inspections, drones cut time, costs and safety risks

At E Construction – one of western Canada’s largest paving contractors – drones have become an integral tool for saving time and money, as well as for reporting progress on projects.

The company is among a growing number of contractors and transportation departments turning to this fast-developing technology. Across North America, drones are proving their value and gaining momentum in materials management on roadbuilding projects, as well as for their usefulness in bridge inspections.

“We have a lot of gravel pit operations, and the use of drones in our business is invaluable,” says Dave Manchakowski, vice president of finance for E Construction, a division of Colas Canada.

“They’re developing the software every year, and now we’re getting a good database of information.” He adds that the company’s use of Kespry drones has paid off, which can be seen when it takes its year-end inventories and compares them from year to year.