In Denver’s future street design, cars are guests (War on Cars Watch)

There is a section on shared streets that creates the idea that cars are the guests on the road, similar to how the city converted Bannock Street in front of the City and County Building into a pedestrian, bike-only road, with limited vehicle access.

A shared street is also what many residential streets have become since the pandemic. For instance, 16th Street east of downtown has been blocked off to thru traffic. Marion Parkway near Washington Park is another example, as well as 11th Avenue in Congress Park.

“The more people that are riding bikes, the fewer people that are driving cars,” Fertig said. “The easiest sell for a driver to want bike infrastructure is getting people off the road.”

Another section of the Complete Streets Design discusses “vertical deflection.” Never heard of it?

“Vertical speed deflection is the fancy, technical name for speed humps,” Pulsipher said.