Illinois: Driving without a transponder cost I-PASS users $11.1 million in fees last year

However, the tollway hasn’t fared too badly under the new rules, which double rates for I-PASS users who miss six or more tolls a month. Previously, owners of cars linked to I-PASS accounts but without transponders were charged the standard tolls.

In 2018, the change generated $11.1 million in fees, data released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request showed.

The harder line prompted I-PASS users to add about 225,000 transponders to their accounts in 2018, tollway spokesman Dan Rozek said.

“That indicates to us that our customers are obtaining more transponders to ensure they have transponders in every vehicle, which was the goal of this policy.”

An I-PASS user who skips tolls five times a month because there’s no transponder or it’s not mounted properly is still charged the I-PASS rate. The cycle starts fresh each month.