IL State Comptroller won’t collect red light camera fines. Suburbs: We’ll get someone else to do it

Twenty-one suburbs will have to find a new way to collect delinquent red-light camera fines this year.

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza said she’s “getting out of the business” of using the state’s garnishment powers to collect the overdue fines.

In 2019, the towns received nearly $2 million from Mendoza’s office, which generally took the money out of income tax refunds. Most towns then split the fines with the company contracted to run the cameras.

Mendoza complained that red-light camera fines disproportionately affect poor and minority drivers and that she has issues with the industry as a whole. Several elected officials in recent years have been caught up in ongoing federal corruption investigations involving red-light camera operators, including some suburban mayors and legislators.