Virginia: I-95 traffic fix plan likely won’t include additional taxes, tolls

Virginia plans to study the clogged Interstate 95 corridor and identify major improvements by the end of this year — and the fixes won’t include additional taxes or tolls, transportation officials said.

The Virginia General Assembly has already requested a study of the 52-mile stretch between Thornburg and the Capital Beltway. State officials are extending that to include the entire interstate corridor from the North Carolina line to the Wilson Bridge.

The study will likely recommend a prioritized list of improvements for Interstate 95, U.S. 1, train and bus service, and carpooling and slugging, Virginia Deputy Transportation Secretary Nick Donohue said — but it is not expected to recommend additional taxes or tolling.

“This corridor is very complex. It is highway; it is transit; it is rail; it is all modes of surface transportation,” Donohue said.