How would you pay for better roads in Michigan?

The “American Society of Civil Engineers” put the price tag at five or six-billion dollars to fix the roads in Michigan. So where is that money supposed to come from? News ten’s Marcus Dash asked drivers today how they’d do so.
Some like the idea of a higher gas tax, others want to try toll roads, or even spending money for better materials. No matter what the solution, all you have to do is look at a road like Aurelius to know that what we’re doing right now isn’t working.

“I think gas is high enough, somebody is getting rich and it sure ain’t me,” said Curtis Underwood.”The thing that scares me about a gas tax is you know they won’t use it for the road, they’ll waste it on other stuff,” said Deb Brandsen.

While some drivers have some trust issues with the way the state handles spending. Others say the state should do whatever it takes to help drivers get from point a to point b.