Hillsborough could have Florida’s highest sales tax after the Nov. 6 election. Will it matter?

The highest sales tax in Florida definitely isn’t the stuff of marketing slogans.

But that dubious distinction will belong to Hillsborough County if voters on Nov. 6 approve two proposed sales taxes.

The one-penny transportation tax and a half-penny tax for schools would increase the county’s sales tax from 7 to 8.5 percent and see Hillsborough surpass Liberty County’s state-high eight pennies on the dollar.

And Hillsborough would stay the highest even if nine other counties approve proposed sales tax hikes this year.

Still, some economists and tax experts say Florida, which has no state income tax, remains one of the least taxed states in the nation and that the new levies would do little to dampen Hillsborough’s economy or deter people or businesses from moving here.