Hawaii tops the nation for rise in pedestrian fatalities

A staggering increase in pedestrian fatalities is happening — and Hawaii is leading the nation — not the kind of top ranking the Aloha State wants to have.

A new report by the Governors Highway Safety Association says “crossing the street should not be a death sentence” — and calls for every state to increase efforts to keep people alive.

Hawaii’s pedestrian deaths increased by 18-hundred percent from the first six months of 2017 to the first six months of last year.

The disturbing numbers are in the new report projecting that when all the numbers are final, national pedestrian fatalities for 2018 will be the highest since 1990.

The report points to population increases and the rise in overall smartphone use as possible reasons.

Another surprising factor? The vehicles people are driving. The report found more people are buying SUV’s, which generally cause more severe pedestrian injuries than cars.