Hawaii Editorial: Could Toll Booths and Congestion Pricing Work On Oahu? (War on Cars Watch)

Would the city — or state — set up toll booths on the H-1, for example? It’s possible, with current technology, to set up devices at onramps to check in cars, either through license plate number recognition software or through transponders. The owners of those cars then receive a bill every so often.

There are some wrinkles, however.

The first is that the H-1 is part of the federal Interstate Highway System (although the word “interstate” means “between states” and our freeways obviously aren’t). Which means federal law dictates whether states or cities can charge a toll for accessing the freeway. The 1956 National Interstate and Defense Highways Act generally prohibits state and local governments from charging tolls on interstate highways. However, there have been some exceptions to this rule, and President Trump has proposed scrapping the restriction altogether.