Has Rochester, NY given up on $7 million past due Red-Light Camera Fines from over two years ago

Has the City of Rochester given up on efforts to get back money in past due fines?

Pat Taney was asked to look into that for this week’s Good Question report.

This is about those old red light cameras. As of right now, $7 million in unpaid fines is uncollected. Pat was asked if the city has stopped trying to collect it.

It’s been nearly two years since those red light cameras in Rochester were turned off.

A man, who wants to remain anonymous, admits he still has unpaid fines.

Taney: Was there a reason you didn’t pay them?

“I could not afford them at the time,” he told us.

People like him are the reason the program ended. Mayor Lovely Warren said the fines unfairly targeted people who could not afford to pay.