Groups Deliver More Than 75,000 Petitions Calling for Congress to Stop Stalling and Pass a Ban on Government Use of the Technology

“The rapid spread of facial-recognition technology has outpaced our ability to keep its many abuses in check. In particular, this dangerous technology allows law enforcement and corporate actors to monitor and identify individuals without their knowledge or consent,” noted Sandy Fulton, Government Relations Director at Free Press Action Fund. “If past experience is any guide, law enforcement disproportionately surveils people of color, religious minorities and dissident groups in ways that undermine their rights to privacy, free expression and free assembly. We can only imagine how dangerous this new spying capability is when used at a protest or religious gathering. The technology is less accurate when used to identify—or rather, so often misidentify—people of color, raising incredibly troubling racial justice issues. No regulations could account sufficiently for the serious threat facial recognition technology poses.”