Government Looking To Implement ‘Pay As You Use’ toll system Across India

The government is working to amend the toll policy for national highways which will allow the commuters to pay only for the stretch they travel and not for the entire distance between two toll booths. The change in the framework is according to the the budget announcement for the fiscal year 2018-19 in which finance minister, Arun Jaitley spoke about introducing the ‘pay as you use’ toll system. The system is based on the closed tolling system which is already in use on the Eastern Peripheral Expressway and will also be implemented on the Western Peripheral Expressway.

The government will take three months to revise the policy and will also be looking at building the toll plazas outside cities in order to set a timeframe to end tolling on highways which are less than four-lane and expressways.  According to the highway ministry, the policy will be comprehensive and will likely include electronic mode of toll collection by setting up necessary facilities and offering permanent discount in the fee which commuters pay using smart tag.