Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation expanding Michigan’s ‘Move Over Law’ to protect more people

Drivers will now be required to slow down and move over when passing emergency, maintenance, and utility vehicles on the road under legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“This legislation will better protect those responding to emergencies as well as workers on busy roadways,” Snyder said. “My hope by signing this bill is that more Michiganders will slow down and give a lane.”

Senate Bill 477, sponsored by state Sen. Dale Zorn, will require drivers to slow to 10 mph below the posted speed limit as well as yield their lane, if possible, when passing police or emergency vehicles on the side of the road. The bill also includes roadside tow trucks, garbage trucks, maintenance, and utility vehicles that have amber lights flashing. Violations would be a civil offense subject to a $400 fine. The bill is now Public Act 349 of 2018.