Gas tax push says a lot about Alabama

I’m not saying Alabama doesn’t need a gas tax increase.

A rational person could look at Alabama roads and bridges and potholes and beltlines to nowhere and deduce that something needs to be done.

There’s truth there. Alabama’s gas tax pays for road building and maintenance, and it hasn’t been increased since “Whoomp! (There It Is)” was on the charts and Gov. Guy Hunt was kicked out of office for using inaugural money as his own.

Whoomp, There is is!

Which means – thanks to inflation, changing driving habits and more fuel-efficient cars – the amount of buying power from gas tax money has fallen. Even if wear and tear hasn’t.

So yeah. A reasonable person could look at all that and say Alabama needs to think about increasing its gas tax.

But there’s the thing. Alabama – and its leaders – have never been ones to reasonably talk about taxes.