France, Saudi Arabia Experiment With AI Speed Cameras

Artificial intelligence algorithms could soon take over the duty of reviewing speed camera and red light camera tickets. Officials in Saudi Arabia and France have investigated the use of AI to further automate the processing of citations generated by automated ticketing machines. Photo enforcement vendors demonstrated the technology last month in the traffic safety pavilion of the Al-Jenadriyah national heritage festival outside Riyadh.

The new technique uses machine learning algorithms to analyze speed camera video, processing the images to determine whether it is possible to issue tickets for failing to wear a seat belt or using a cell phone behind the wheel. At least initially, a human would sign off of the tickets in bulk before the system mails out fines. Any false positives would be fed back into the system so that the self-learning algorithm can adapt and avoid similar mistakes in the future, according to proponents.

The same error detection system would also be used to “double check” tickets that have already been reviewed by human employees. Once confident in the use of the technology, however, officials expect to replace human review with the AI program. The French government is offering automating ticketing vendors a special contract to develop an AI review system.