Former Michigan Police Chief Says Conviction Requirement For Forfeitures Makes It Too Hard To Take Cash from People

One of the worst defenses of civil asset forfeiture has been penned by retired police chief Robert Stevenson for the Michigan news site, the Bridge. It’s written in response to two things: pending forfeiture reform bills in the state legislature and the Supreme Court’sTimbs decision, which indicated forfeiture may fall on the wrong side of the 8th and 14th Amendments.

Michigan definitely needs to overhaul its forfeiture laws. Law enforcement claims it’s dismantling drug cartels, but a look at the state’s forfeiture stats shows cops are just piling up low ball seizures to create a suitably impressive total. Cash seizures are routinely below $1,000. Vehicle seizures are also popular with Michigan cops, but the average value of vehicles taken from alleged drug dealers also falls below the $1,000 mark.