Florida Lawmaker says Red-Light Cameras Must Go!

“They’re really a hidden tax; at the end of the day this is a revenue source that local government has come to depend upon,” says State Representative Anthony Sabatini (R-Eustis), the measure’s sponsor.

“Essentially they’re taxing us, but they’re doing it in sort of a ‘do-gooder’ way,” said Sabatini recently on WKMG-TV in Orlando. “’Oh, well, they’re just trying to stop these bad drivers in our communities.’ But what the evidence has shown is that the red light camera program has actually increased traffic accidents and made us less safe.”

The law, contends Sabatini, punishes working-class people – at $158 per ticket — for things like taking a right on red, failing to come to a complete stop, or just barely crossing the line when a camera is at an intersection.