First Step to Lower Denver Speed Limits Smaller Than Hoped (War on Cars Watch)

With the number of traffic deaths in Denver this year having already surpassed 2018’s total of 61 (at this writing, the fatality count stands at 63), advocates believe that lowering residential speed limits will make city streets safer.

A plan to study and potentially implement the concept was put forward earlier this month by Denver City Council, and Mayor Michael Hancock has now given it a partial blessing. In a letter to council accessible below, Hancock offers $200,000 toward such a program — a little over half of the $350,000 originally requested.

Not that Piep van Heuven, policy director at Bicycle Colorado and chair of the Denver Streets Partnership, a coalition of nonprofit advocacy groups working together to increase safety on the city’s roads, is complaining. “It’s obviously a very good step,” she says. “It’s exciting to see this conversation move forward.”