FedEx debuts stair-climbing robot to bring pizza, packages to your door

FedEx is now joining Amazon in the race to be the champion of robotic short-range deliveries.  The company is now experimenting with their new “FedEx SameDay Bot,” which would deliver packages or even pizzas to people’s front doors.

The robots are battery-powered, has a top speed of 10 mph, and is designed to traverse sidewalks, streets and even stairs.  It has radar, laser-based LIDAR mapping tools and multiple cameras to accomplish the task.

FedEx says the robots are autonomous, meaning they can steer around people and traffic using the LIDAR sensors similar to the ones in self-driving cars.  FedEx Executive Vice President Brie Carer told Fox Business the robots will be able to go up curbs, go on paved or unpaved surfaces, and even climb stairs.