Federal Judge Declines To Intervene In DC Speed Camera Lawsuit

A federal court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed against a sneaky speed trap set up in Washington, DC. US District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich found that the case would be better heard in a courtroom under city, not federal, jurisdiction. The class action suit filed in March argued that photo radar devices were deliberately set up on a stretch of Interstate 295 where the speed limit plunged from 50 MPH to 40 MPH with only a single, easy-to-miss sign on the side of the highway noting the change — even though the city ordinance requires more notice.

City officials lowered the speed limit to 40 MPH in that location and doubled the fine to $200 during a construction project that began in May 2019. Though the “construction zone” ordinance was used to justify the fine, there was no construction going on. Motorists Teresa and Reginald Matthews sued Mayor Muriel Bowser in a DC court, but the mayor moved the case to the federal court hoping the judge would throw out the suit in its entirety.