Family of Tesla driver killed in ‘Autopilot’ crash does not blame car

The family of the driver of a Tesla Model S who was killed in a May 2016 crash while using the car’s semi-autonomous driving system said on Monday the car was not to blame for the crash.

The statement from the family of Joshua Brown, released by a law firm, comes a day before the National Transportation Safety Board is set to hold a hearing in Washington and vote on the probable cause of the crash.

“We heard numerous times that the car killed our son. That is simply not the case,” said the statement from the family, breaking its silence on the crash. “There was a small window of time when neither Joshua nor the Tesla features noticed the truck making the left-hand turn in front of the car.”

“People die every day in car accidents,” the statement said. “Change always comes with risks, and zero tolerance for deaths would totally stop innovation and improvements.”