European Speed Cameras Cause Accidents, Are Destroyed

Police in Ifta, Germany, on Thursday admitted that a speed camera trap set by police on the B7 caused an accident. At around 6:25am, the 41-year-old driver of a truck was afraid of getting a citation when he saw officers holding handheld laser speed cameras. He slammed on the brakes, lost control and smashed into the guardrail doing 6000 euros (US $7300) in damage. The same thing happened in Ostheim, France, on Sunday as the 45-year-old driver of a Renault Megane slammed on the brakes after being flashed by a speed camera on the RN83. The sudden maneuver caused the car to spin out of control, rolling over into a field. The driver sustained injuries and was transported to the hospital. Also on Sunday, vigilantes in Mimizan set fire to the pole-mounted “turret” speed camera located on the Avenue de la Plage. On Wednesday, vigilantes blinded the speed camera in Bavinchove with spraypaint for the fourth time since 2018. Black was the color of choice for the paint used on May 17 to blind the speed camera on the RN83 in Arbois.