European Proposal Calls for All New Cars to be Fitted With Speed Limiters, Data Loggers

A proposal from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) to mandate speed limiters on all new vehicles sold in Europe has passed a vote by Members of European Parliament (MEPs).

First proposed in 2016, the speed limiters are but one of several safety features to be made compulsory by the vote, which also approved data-logging black boxes, automatic braking assists, and lane keeping tech. These and the speed governor are required to be fitted on all new vehicles within three years, reports Evo.

The ETSC says that what it calls Intelligent Speed Assist, or ISA, will use recognition software to read speed limits off road signs, and where none are present, GPS data. Engine output will be limited accordingly, though drivers will reportedly be able to temporarily override the limit by matting the throttle, which will continue to allow highway overtaking. Drivers who continue to keep their foot in it after completing the pass will receive an audiovisual warning regarding their speed.