EU approves connected car infrastructure standards, GSMA disappointed: Chose Wi-Fi over 5G

The European Commission has approved new minimum technical requirements for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), laying the groundwork for communication between connected cars and transport infrastructure. The decision came under quick criticism from the mobile industry association GSMA, which said the EU has chosen to favour Wi-Fi over more advanced cellular network technologies, which will slow 5G and connected car development.

The specifications establish the minimal legal requirements for interoperability between the different systems used for vehicles and transport systems to communicate. Interoperability will enable all equipped stations to exchange messages with any other station securely in an open network, the Commission said.

The Commission consulted industry earlier on the decision, which takes the form of a delegated act. After publication of the act, the European Parliament and the Council have two months to oppose the measure, or it will enter into force automatically.